Geospatial Business Intelligence

Geospatial Business Intelligence - what is it and why do I care?

Geospatial Business Intelligence (GBI) is the integrated inclusion of the geographic/spatial perspective with your organization's important business information.  You care because nearly every significant aspect of your business has a location.

So I need a map, right?

A representation of business data in a map can be very powerful.  As a society we've become accustomed to finding everything we need on Google Maps.  However through enterprise mapping and GIS solutions, the power of location can be harnessed in conjunction with your BI.  Interactive visualizations allow your users to zoom and pan to areas of interest; access to geospatial tools such as polylines and buffer can filter your information in ways that is impossible in a BI solution.  And GBI solutions extend well beyond mapping integration.

The following are examples of some compelling uses for GBI.


 Geographic Business Intelligence - Retail/Operations

Health Care/Environmental

Geographic Business Intelligence - Health Care/Environmental


Geographic Business Intelligence - Operations/Industrial


Geographic Business Intelligence - Policing

GIS... What's that?

GIS stands for Geospatial Information Systems.  These are powerful information systems that enable the analysis and display all forms of geographically referenced information - allowing very complex spatial questions to be answered.  Geographic data can include political boundaries (cities/counties/states), physical geographies, population, demographics, transportation and civic infrastructure, and drive times.

So I set up this GIS and then author a couple of BI reports?

Not so fast - we feel that the business intelligence is the foundation.  BI is all about extracting high value information from data, and getting the right information to the right people in the organization.  We have some fairly strong feelings about the definition of BI. In our opinion, GBI is about bringing the power of geography to the information foundation provided by the BI solution. You can see a whole suite of demonstrations outlining GBI solutions, both across industries and by features and functions, on our product demonstrations page.

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